Piyush Goyal: Met logistics firms to devise a plan for Railways to become the dominant freight carrier in the country. https://t.co/mlmoLOQUbW

Shahnawaz Hussain: आज @BJP4India के नवनिर्मित कार्यालय भवन में पार्टी के राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष श्री @AmitShah जी से मिला। माननीय अमित शाह… https://t.co/jj8jWA2o1z

Sanjay Nirupam: चोर की दाढ़ी में तिनका। मोदी सरकार ने #NiravModiScam की जाँच विशेष जाँच दल (SIT) से कराने से मना कर दिया। क्यों साह… https://t.co/3Q9sRvDDPD

Deepender S Hooda: मार #मंडासा इब लड़्यांगे इस सरकार ते लड़ाई हम। हमने ना भय किसे का, जद तायी म्हारे साथ सो तम। जनोली गांव, जिला पलवल… https://t.co/3ph6TWWMKI

Derek O’Brien: Haven’t watched either of 2 N Korean channels for ages.But really keen to know who do they ‘hire’ to represent Trinamool. Who r these guys?

Vijay Kumar Singh: Addressed the valedictory session of the UP Investor’s Summit in Lucknow. Progressive policies; transparent and acc… https://t.co/QUD5zadkxi

Omar Abdullah: All the times I’ve taken the trouble to draft a tweet about an issue of considerable (in my view at least) importan… https://t.co/iQQ4ncv76S

Sanjay Nirupam: We are proud of #AvaniChaturvedi who became first Indian woman to fly #IAF fighter aircraft #MiG21 solo. Salute to… https://t.co/6tHs3QHGEX

Akshay Kumar: Innocent smiles galore on set today. Shooting with these lovely children playing Afghani kids in #Kesari based on t… https://t.co/8eg3hUbNdi

Saif Ali Khan Online: Saif Ali Khan to be brand ambassador for one of T-20 teams https://t.co/t6equIhYaE https://t.co/TpgybB9PsL

kashif Qureshi: This is how a minister needs to be, this is the type of govt which India needs n it is these kinda leaders who r go… https://t.co/lWdtzCh1s3

Shankar Mahadevan: Shukriya Ji https://t.co/jJT8DKaKOO

sujoy ghosh: khuddar taught me that no one suspects a pregnant woman! https://t.co/aVBxlExeGH

ameesha patel: Enroute Chandigarh💗💗💝💝 https://t.co/0VUdJXnSof