कलराज मिश्र (Kalraj Mishra): India will set up $350-mn solar fund to start mobilisation under ISA https://t.co/67Qgco63kV via NMApp https://t.co/X8GjFNE9y0

Shaina NC: Don’t fall for the propaganda : Around 6 lakh jobs are being created in a month in formal sector in Financial Year… https://t.co/X9jN0caWA7

कलराज मिश्र (Kalraj Mishra): Indian science is at its best under the leadership of @narendramodi : @drharshvardhan https://t.co/gkqknYcz27 via… https://t.co/Ghp2rxG5yz

कलराज मिश्र (Kalraj Mishra): More homebuyers to get interest subsidy under #PMAY https://t.co/C8zngzjYVC via NMApp https://t.co/j4EQzGS6XY

Shaina NC: Gov has created jobs by investing in different sectors. There is a direct correlation between investment and job… https://t.co/7Fy99nx8ok

कलराज मिश्र (Kalraj Mishra): Forex Reserves Booming, Hitting Record Numbers https://t.co/DkldZmmstz via NMApp https://t.co/SdpJCcFnl4

Rajeev Chandrasekhar: And after 5 years of @siddaramaiah n his #SteelFlyover ministers “governance” (aka exploitation) of #Namma… https://t.co/Cra4qatDcO

Rajeev Chandrasekhar: The @unitedbengaluru ctzns effort 2 protct #Namma #Bengaluru gets #LokAyukta to respond to its petition. This is… https://t.co/lELlKz56xb